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Home Remedy for Acne

Acne Cannot Be Cured but it can Be Resolved with a Home Remedy for Acne

Acne is a skin disorder for which medical science has not yet
developed any treatment for complete cure. However, there are
quite a number of acne treatments and medications available in
the market. Also, many acne sufferers exercise the use of home
remedy for acne.

Before anything is said about home remedy for acne, let it be
first established that science has already found evidences to
counteract the stand of many acne myths and fallacies. Take for
example the excess consumption of chocolates, peanuts and oily
foods. In actuality, these foods, though rich in oil, are not
consequential to acquiring acne. Additionally, dirt or foods
neither cause acne.

Acne is brought for by several internal actions in the body, the
most significant of which is the excess sebum produced by the
oil glands termed as sebaceous glands. Consequentially, bacteria
will thrive on the skin pores due to the extra oil. This then
will be acted upon by the white blood cells, which will trigger
the natural inflammation. Once this occurs, the skin disorder
will trigger the onset of acne. But beyond this factor, there
are still a number of indirect causes to acne such as hormonal
imbalances, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and naturally oily skin.

The most common home remedy for acne is the skin oil removal
through frequent washing. It is recommended that washing of the
face as a part of a home remedy for acne is done only twice a
day, once in the morning and later I the evening. In line with
this, an alternative home remedy for acne is the complete
cleaning of the body. Remember that when this home remedy for
acne is performed, it is essential that the face is not rubbed
too rigorously as this may spread the infection throughout the
entire face surface. Also, only mild soaps and not scrubs, must
be used.

Another common home remedy for acne is the use of benzoyl
peroxide. This topical treatment (some may call it homeophatic
treatment) works wonders for many mild acne patients. Majority
of over the counter acne medications contains a certain level of
benzoyl peroxide. This comes in forms of lotions, soap, gel and
creams. Obviously, it is applied on the surface of the skin.

Basically, it is used to dry the skin so that the excess sebum
can be eliminated. This home remedy for acne may dry your skin
if too much solution is applied. However, this can be resolved
through reducing the frequency and quantity of application.

Another frequently used home remedy for acne is the use of ice
cubes. Some acne sufferers wash their faces with ice cubes for
ten minutes. This home remedy for acne relieves the pain of
inflammation for some but this process naturally closes the skin
pores so that the skin penetration of the acne-causing bacteria
is prevented.

Additionally, a housewife who has an acne patient husband
discovered an unusual home remedy for acne. She related that one
day, she just decided to pick a bottle of Head and Shoulders
while shopping and had it used by her husband to treat the acne
prone parts of his skin. Amazingly, within 3 days the acne
inflammation her husband was suffering for many years subsided.

Moreover, herbs, teas and spices are also useful as home
remedies for acne. More specifically, included in the selection
of nature's home remedy for acne are garlic, rosemary, and
herbal teas. The basic principle for all these herbal home
remedies are to apply them on acne infected areas. Leave them
for some minutes and you will see that in days, your skin may
arrive to smoother, healthier and evenly toned texture. For
garlic however, it is essential that you do not leave it on your
skin for too long as it may burn the skin surface.

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